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ME – Manual Electronic Speed Controllers

This comprehensive range has been developed for speed controllable single phase motors up to 16 Amps. Available in portrait or landscape style, housed in enclosures suitable for the current rating, which can be branded to customer spec. Most are available with hard start option, and the higher rated controllers have thermal protection reset facility.

Manual Speed Controllers

Colair Electronics

Automatic Electronic Speed Controllers

These units have the same voltage as the manual controllers, but the fan speed is adjusted automatically by means of an external sensor to maintain a desired preset.

Automatic Electronic Speed Controllers

Colair Electronics

Automatic Changeover Duty Share Panel

This unit has been designed for speed controllable twin fans, selectable current rating to 8 Amps, adjustable duty sharing in 3 hour steps, current sensing, airflow switch facility and BMS connection.

Automatic Electronic Changeover Con

Colair Electronics

PWM Fan Controllers

A range of controllers to control DC powered fans and blowers. In most cases these have been designed to customer specification.

PWM Controller

Colair Electronics0 – 10 DC Input Speed Controller

Designed to control fro a D.C. signal from a B.M.S. system or similar, available for 3, 6 and 10 amp single phase motors. These incorporate hard start, min speed preset and are available enclosed or in module form.

0-10 DC input speed controller

Colair Electronics

Colair Electronics design, manufacture and produce various bespoke products. You can either show us a prototype, describe the product you want to produce or submit a customer specification which is preferable.

Other products we have produced :

>Fan controls

>Security systems

>Gas solenoid controls

>Small power supplies

>Current and fan speed monitoring products

>Labelling, branding and badging

They are just a few products we have produced. Please contact us for a free quote on anything you would like to manufacture. We would love to help!

Bespoke requests are always welcome!

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