We manufacture bespoke products upon request!

About Us

Colair Electronics have been based in Essex for over 30 years.

When the company was first established, it specialised in manufacturing various products from manual or automatic ventilation controls to camera systems for clients such as Ladbrokes and Coral.

Looking back as a business our clients helped us develop into what we are today, we were tested in multiple areas from challenging requests. The 30 years of experience enables us to create specialist systems to provide excellent products.


Colair Electronics can now provide various services including:

>Security Systems

>Fan Speed Controllers


>Bespoke Manufacturing

>Product Branding, Labelling and Badging

Our prices are very competitive.

Recently we have had a high demand for controls that incorporate with modern Building Management Systems (BMS). Colair have built a great reputation especially in this market for providing the best automatic control systems available.

Colair Electronics Ltd aim to continue developing leading products for many years to come.


If you have a product you would like professionals to manufacture, contact us today!

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